So The US Is Pulling Out Of Iraq

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Does Blair know this? Of course just because the US House of Representatives have approved a bill making further funding of the war in Iraq conditional on a timetable for a US Troop pullout doesn't mean that this will happen. So Blair can keep on snoozing and thinking that everything in Iraq is going according to schedule.

The bill provides for another $100 billion in new funds for the war. It is hard to imagine this kind of money, never mind that it is being thrown at a disaster. Blood money actually. It's being used to kill more people. Terrible thought. Can you imagine if that budget had actually been allocated to clean up the mess made by the US and of course the UK, let's not forget the supporting act here, rather than to kill more people. That would have been a good start. At least pay the Iraqi people compensation. Reparation. It's not even going to occur to the Western Occupying Forces that this should be number one on the agenda.

Some White House spokeswoman Dana Perino puts it quite well. She said that the House of Representatives would be voting for failure in Iraq. And the president will veto the bill. What she omitted to say was that there was some break through happening. That there was some realisation that failure in Iraq had already happened. Earth to America, it seems fairly obvious that the war in Iraq has derailed off it's original course of bringing democracy, peace and prosperity to Iraq. At least one hopes that this was the original objective? Maybe it wasn't, and in fact the mission statement spelt out chaos, deaths, religious sectarianism, poverty, destruction. Which one has been achieved I wonder? Are there actually still people out there who think that everything is going well in Iraq?

On another note, but related, the news in the UK is full of Prince Harry wanting to serve in Iraq. The Muslim extremist must be salivating at the thought. A kidnapping of the third in line to the UK throne must be a wish made in suicide bombing heaven. Extra heaven bonus points for the person who blows themselves and Harry up, I would imagine. An extra plaque or two, more feathers in the wings than the others or whatever the Muslim heaven equivalent. I cannot even imagine the stupidity, that would allow Harry to go to Iraq. Some parent is quoted on the news as saying if his son has to serve, why not Harry. Please, since when is there equality!

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So The US Is Pulling Out Of Iraq

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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