Major Combat Operations In Iraq HAVE Ended

in Iraq

One of the few instances in recent memory when President George W. Bush, a proven pathological liar, told the truth, was when he four years ago announced from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, under a sign that read Mission Accomplished, major combat operations in Iraq had ended. In truth and in fact, at that point, the mission was accomplished. All that remained was to capture Saddam Hussein, which we eventually did.

It is a misnomer to call what has been occurring in Iraq for the past four years as a war, when in fact it is not. It's an occupation, plain and simple. As occupiers, our troops are targets. The death and injury toll ratchets up every week, as we do the President's bidding by staying the course. The Republican Party has done this nation a great disservice the past six years, by towing the White House line. For the Republicans, it's been talking points, spin and party loyalty, to the detriment of those that, they have placed in harm's way. By painting the Democrats in the defeatist corner, the Republicans have succeeded in keeping our armed forces mired in Iraq. The situation in Iraq has clearly denigrated into a civil war. The President's desire to see the Middle East become one big democracy has little chance of succeeding. His attempts in that regard, only demonstrates his naiveté. Truth of the matter is to paraphrase an old Ray Charles song; George W. Bush was born to lose. He is taking this county to hell in a hand basket.

The Democrats are going to have to find the courage to carry out the will of, we the people, by standing up to this megalomaniac. It is going to take decades to undo the harm that this son of a Bush has done. Someone needs to put him in check. Democrats were given the license to do that, if they can find the stones to do so. Whether now or a long way down the road, the occupation is going to have to end. Our continued presence in Iraq serves as a magnet for attracting terrorist, whom under Saddam's regime wouldn't have found quarter in that country which he ruled with an iron fist. Even under the al-Qaeda banner, the terrorists are not monolithic. Don't for one moment believe the big lie; "We're fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them here." Terrorists are ideologues; they don't fight under a single recognizable banner. Armies don't defeat ideas, diplomacy does.

We needn't fool ourselves by having a false sense of security. It took eight whole years between the first World Trade Center attack and the second one. What we are doing in Iraq is insanity, which has been described as doing the same thing, while expecting a different result. We won the war in Iraq, all that remains is for us to leave. President Bush are you listening?


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Major Combat Operations In Iraq HAVE Ended

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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