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As the conflict in Iraq continues to grow, it is very difficult for those who are away from the conflict to feel the actual damage that is being caused by the war. Even if US soldiers are there to attempt to achieve peace in the area with negotiations, it cannot be helped that there are situations that call them to resort to military action that cause not only heavy rates of collateral damage but, regrettably, a high number of casualties as well.

These deaths that occur involve not only military servicemen but innocent civilians as well. Every day many innocent Iraqi residents are suddenly caught under fire and get killed in a matter of moments of violence. Sadly, most of them are neither remembered nor given justice in the end - families are left unsupported, children are orphaned and communities are broken simply because they were unlucky enough to be caught in the cross fire.

As we speak, the cases of injustices continue to rise, and because of understandably limiting conditions, the US and Iraqi governments can only do so much to give relief to those who are oppressed by the grave effects of stray bullets and random explosions that seem to casually occur every day.

Because of this, many private self funded groups are formed by concerned and vigilant citizens who go out of their way to give aid to the great number of victims affected by the war in Iraq. These organization, having no capital or state funding, rely solely on donations and the generosities of people that come with them in order to come up with what is needed to provide for as much material and moral relief to those torn by the way.

With your donations, many schools that are destroyed because of the conflict are slowly being repaired and many people who have lost everything in Iraq are given the chance to start anew and find new homes. These are real, material results that shed light on the lives of those given undue suffering in their lives.

Never hesitate to give whatever you can to the many causes that aim to provide for the realization of relief programs in Iraq. What you are giving up as donations is nothing compared to the love, comfort and hope those in the receiving end are experiencing after all that they've felt - indeed, something that can never be replaced by any form of material gain.

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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