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The question should not be, should we remain in Iraq, but how can we help Iraq establish a non-aggressive self rule. We as a nation have quickly forgotten why we are in Iraq.

Iraq became aggressive under Saddam Hussein's rule with the 1980 invasion of Iran, followed by 8 years of war with Iran. Next came the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and after the Gulf War, more threats of aggression and non-compliance with the United Nations resolutions.

We did win in Iraq. Objectives were meet, we are now face with the long and hard process of helping Iraq become a country again. There have been suggestions that we divide up the country into the many factions. I do not see that we are trying to do anything but allow the new government time to work out these problems on their own. They will have to decide what is best for their country and what the makeup of their new government will be.

If anyone believes that Iraq is more unstable now than in the past, they should review the history of Iraq. We are giving our best in American solders lives to give Iraq a chance to self rule, and I believe that we should support our troops and our government in this noble effort. If we do not follow through in Iraq, then we will only end up with another Saddam Hussein and have to repeat history all over again.

Some question the fact that we are training Iraq solders to secure the peace and think that the Iraqis know better how to do this. That is why we are training the Iraq solders, because they do know better how to work with Iraqis. The Iraq solder of today was not around 17 years ago. A new generation of young Iraqis have replaced the older solders and they do require the basic skills that can only be provided by trained professionals.

We also forget that there are non-Iraqis in the country that are creating problems and pressure must continue to be applied to the countries that are sending the trouble makers, to stop. The situation in Iraq may never be resolved, but that does not mean that we should give up. Our founding fathers did not give up on America and other countries came to help us, we should return the favor and continue to help Iraq.

My heart felt thanks go to all our troops not only in Iraq, but in all the countries that we are helping. Good job!

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Another Perspective on Iraq

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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